A depository safe is built with one goal in mind – to protect your cash and other valuables from theft. Here at Fradon Lock, we offer a wide range of deposit safe models for both businesses and households.


These safes come in many different configurations to meet varying needs. If you just need something to “keep the honest people honest” then a simple locking light duty safe will suffice. If you are a dealer in diamonds or rare collectables then consider something more substantial to protect your investments. A good place to start is to evaluate what you are planning to put in the safe and contact your insurance agent and see if there are any recommendations or requirements for safeguarding your contents.

Our experts can also help make recommendations once we know how you plan on using your safe and what you plan on protecting. We offer a large variety of depository safes, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call for even more choices and options.

Please keep in mind that depository safes do not offer fire protection, and are not intended for over night storage of large amounts of cash or valuables.

Also known as drop safes, depository safes are a super-simple way to keep your money protected. They are portable, discreet, and incredibly secure. Never lose sleep again worrying about dishonest employees or your charity’s fundraising cash. Depository safes are far less expensive than you think!

Whether you prefer a dial lock, a key entry, or even a digital keypad, our stainless steel drop safes are sure to protect your valuables until you’re ready to access them. They’re an easy way to allow others to leave items like cash or financial documents for you without worrying they’ll be stolen before you get there.

It’s important to know what you plan to store before you select a safe. The dimensions of your valuables and their quantity will ultimately determine the dimensions of your new safe.

There’s little point in buying a safe too big for your needs and one that’s too small won’t adequately serve you. Should you need some help choosing the best safe for your valuables, give our experts a call at (800) 447-0591. We’re ready to help you make the best decision!