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Knives & outdoor adventure gear – right here in Syracuse, New York, inside Fradon Lock! Stop in and see us today for all of your folding and fixed blade knife desires. In addition to knives, we have a large selection of Maxpedition hard use backbacks and gear, camping gear, flashlights, and more! If you are missing the old DeJulio’s store, stop by, we just might have what you are looking for – with the exception of shoes. We do not carry any shoes.

Fradon Lock has a large variety of outdoor gear and knives for your viewing pleasure. There is nothing like seeing hundreds of knives to choose from and being able to hold them in your hand before you buy so you can make a selection this is best suited to your style and fits as you wish it to. A knife purchase is so personal, such an extension of your style and taste, it deserves the time it takes to make the best choice that represents you and fits your needs. We have knives for every budget in stock, right here for your immediate purchase.

Some of the folding knife brands we carry are: Spyderco, Benchmade, Buck, McNees, Giant Mouse, Ka-Bar, Jack Wolf, Finch, We, Civivi, Medford, and others. We also have fixed blade knives, axes, and some cutlery as well.

For those who like to modify their knives themselves, we have backspacers, scales, thumbstuds, screw sets and more from Flytanium and Chroma. We also offer replacement pocketclips and prybars from LynchNW.

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Need something sharpened? In many cases we can do it for you, for a small charge, or you can opt to do it yourself with one of the many home sharpeners we have to offer. We have all the accessories you need to keep your blades sharp, including sharpeners, polishing compounds, strops, pucks, and stones so you can get your edge just right. There are also many lubricants to choose from such as Ballistol, KPL, BlueLube, Eagle Tears, and others.

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Many of our outdoor goods and knives are available on our website.

Order online and pickup in store Monday – Saturday. Or, we are happy to ship your items directly to your home or business.

We presently ship only within the United States.

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