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Fradon Lock offers quality automotive services at reasonable rates. Our automotive technicians receive comprehensive training from factory-certified representatives and work with the most up to date technology available.

We are members of the New York State Automotive Aftermarket Association and use factory-authorized repair parts wherever possible – names you can trust like Strattec (formerly Briggs & Stratton) and Auto Security Products. All work is performed by Fradon Lock Technicians. If you’re having trouble with your car, truck, or motorcycle locks, we can help!

We are happy to provide a quotation before work is scheduled and most work  can be completed in one day. We can work at your location or ours, just call to schedule your appointment. Dealer and retail inquiries are welcome.

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Common types of keys that will be need reprogramming include:

  • Car key with remote fob (remote keys) – provide keyless entry to the vehicle
  • Car key with integrated transponder chip (transponder key) – cars built after 1995
  • Flip type keys + key cards
Automotive Lock Specialists

Does my key take a battery?
No, the coil in the vehicle sends out an electromagnetic field, which energizes the transponder chip in the key. The transponder chip then sends back a signal to the vehicle.

Do I have to have the transponder chip in my key?
Yes, without the signal from the transponder chip the vehicle will not start. (Some vehicles will start but will promptly shut off )

What happens if I lose all my keys?
We can make keys to most vehicles equipped with transponder systems. Some vehicles may require the memory to be flashed or the onboard computer to be replaced, and in these cases we currently cannot make keys. It is costly to replace lost keys for vehicles with transponder systems so we highly recommend you have spare keys made.

Can you make any transponder key?
No, changing technology and information may prevent us from making some transponder keys. Fradon Lock invests in the latest equipment and tools available to us and can make most keys on the market today.

High-Security Keys — More About Transponders

Transponder technology is here to stay. We invest in the latest equipment and information so that we can duplicate your transponder key. Most new vehicles today are equipped with some sort of anti-theft security system. Transponders make it difficult for a thief to steal your vehicle.

Transponder Keys
Transponder keys have computer chips imbedded in them. Car manufacturers use different types of chips in their keys. All transponder chips consist of copper windings and a circuit board of some sort. When the proper key is inserted into the ignition the induction coil in the column sends out an electromagnetic field. The field energizes the transponder chip, which in turn sends a radio frequency signal back to the vehicle’s computer allowing it to start.

V.A.T.S. Keys
Before transponder keys there were V.A.T.S. keys which stands for vehicle anti-theft system. These keys have a visible resistor chip in the blade of the key. There are 15 different values to these chips. When the key is inserted into the ignition the switch reads the resistive value of the chip on the key and sends a signal to the vehicle.

Types of Programming
ONBOARD, these keys can be programmed in the vehicle with no special equipment and may require 1 or 2 working keys depending on make and model.

READ/WRITE, these keys require a machine to clone the information from your key to the new key. Only 1 working key (not valet key) is required and we recommend the vehicle be present to test key.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMED, these require a special diagnostic tool to be hooked up to the vehicle’s computer in order to program the new key into the system. In some cases a 4 digit P.I.N. code is required and all keys must be present.

Programming Basics for Most Vehicles
FORD – Most require 2 working keys and vehicle must be present. The vehicle is either onboard or computer programmed. Some newer Ford vehicles may require a 4 digit P.I.N. code.

CHRYSLER – Most require 2 working keys and vehicle must be present. The vehicle is either onboard or computer programmed. Some newer Chrysler vehicles may require a 4 digit P.I.N. code.

GENERAL MOTORS – If key has PK3 or PK3M stamped on the blade of key it has onboard programming. This type requires 1 working key and vehicle must be present. If the key has PK3+ or just a + sign it has onboard programming. This type requires 2 working keys and the vehicle must be present. If the key has no marking on blade of key and has a transponder chip it is a read/write key. This type requires 1 working key (not valet key) and we recommend that the vehicle to be present.

FOREIGN – Due to the wide variety of programming procedures for foreign vehicles we advise you inquire for pricing and availability.

SIDEWINDER KEYS – Sidewinder keys have the cuts on the flat of the key and not on the edge. We cut both transponder and non-transponder sidewinder keys. Please call for pricing and availability.

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